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2020 New Music Project


Available for Free download between August 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021


Solo Flute

Composer: Jonathan Erman
Title: Take Flight Anyway
Composer: Pantawit Kiangsiri
Title: Meditation No. 1

Solo Oboe

Composer: Leslie La Barre
Title: idioPATHic

Solo Clarinet

Composer: Stephen Bennett
Title: This Was Supposed to Be My Year
Composer: Sascha Blank
Title: Socially Distanced
Composer: Christine Hals
Title: Glioblastoma
Composer: George Shaw
Title: When Robots Play

Solo Saxophone

Composer: Gavin Templeton
Title: Collage

Solo Bassoon

Composer: Lars Clutterham
Title: Peace Cometh, Anon
Composer: Tom Howe
Title: Better With Time
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