The Intensive

January 13 - 17, 2021

Hosted on the campuses of Bandrika Studios and Warner Brothers Studios, this LAFCI course is a five-day workshop addressing the challenges of music making and recording during the time of COVID-19 by focusing on key elements of composition, orchestration, and recording technique, in addition to baton technique, body movement, working with click track, using streamers, score and part preparation and more.  Not only will fellows have the opportunity to study and conduct great repertoire but each chosen fellow will prepare their own cue to conduct and record with a chamber orchestra on the final day.


This workshop will focus heavily on composition and orchestration, embracing the challenges of writing for smaller ensembles while simultaneously preparing the participant to successfully address challenges as striping, hybrid scores, recording technique as well as conducting live musicians daily.  Each session is designed for the participant to expand upon previous sessions and classes and to be able to apply learned knowledge to the culminating event of conducting their own composition. Each conductor will be allocated 15 minutes of podium time for each session and will have all sessions recorded.  Acceptance into the workshop will be determined primarily upon the quality of compositional skill as demonstrated through submission of notated score and audio mock-up. For score formatting recommendations, please review the LAFCI Part/Score Formatting Recommendations article in the Resource Center page. This workshop will be limited to 10 fellows and will not be accepting auditors this year

LAFCI is committed to providing a safe environment for all to learn and work, especially during the times of COVID-19.  For this reason, should it be be deemed necessary to not hold The Intensive 2021 in person, LAFCI will provide an equally engaging virtual experience.  This is an understandably fluid situation, but LAFCI will confirm either the in-person workshop or online workshop by October 1 so as to allow selected fellows to plan accordingly.


Repertoire for the workshop will include:

 ​(additional repertoire will be announced at a later date)

  • A Prayer for Peace (Avner's Theme) by John Williams

  • Tribute to the Film Composer, arranged by John Williams

  • YOUR composition

This workshop has only one (1) level of participation this year:

1. Fellow


  • Participation in all discussions, sessions and classes

  • Work hands on with faculty members

    • Private video review sessions

    • Private conducting lesson

    • Private score and part review

  • minimum 15 minutes of podium time during each session

    • ​first day with piano

    • second day with string quintet

    • third day with string orchestra

    • fourth day with studio orchestra

  • Work with Los Angeles' finest musicians

  • Conduct and record YOUR cue at the Eastwood Scoring Stage

  • Following completion, will be eligible to apply to Summer Session 

     (available to LAFCI alumni only)


Fee: $3,100




2. Auditor


  • Auditors will only be allowed to attend online

  • Private live video feed for auditors only

  • Participation in all discussions, sessions and classes

Fee: $400

All accepted fellows will receive a digital file of each conducting

session along with a signed certificate of completion at the end

of the workshop.









The Intensive 2021 poster.png

Sample Itinerary



8:00am - 8:50am      Body Awareness

                                -Emilie Bernstein

9:00am - 9:50am      Class 3: Baton Technique

                                -Angel Velez

10:00am - 12:00pm  Session 3: Composer as Conductor (with String Quintet)

                                -William Ross

12:00pm - 1:30pm    --------------- Lunch Break ---------------

1:30pm - 4:30pm      Class 4: Private Score/Part Review

                                -William Ross, Booker White

1:30pm - 4:30pm      Session 4: String Orchestra (Participant cue read through)

                                -Angel Velez


5:00pm - 6:30pm      Class 5: Orchestration 201: "Condensing But Not Sacrificing" 

                                -Conrad Pope