Emilie Bernstein, Guest Faculty

Emilie Bernstein.jpg

Emilie discovered Pilates in 1995, when a friend brought her along to a class. She was hooked immediately, and has practiced Pilates ever since. It has helped her through 2 pregnancies, job and life changes. She feels that it keeps both her mind and her body stretched and strong, and she is continuously impressed by the way that the Pilates method continues to evolve and grow, keeping her interested year after year.

As a teacher, Emilie is compassionate, detail oriented, and inspiring. She has worked with all segments of the population: men, women, seniors, pre and post-natal women, people with injuries, people dealing with disabilities like Parkinsons and Cerebral Palsy, and athletes looking to improve their performance. She loves that Pilates is able to serve them each in the way that they need, and she is proud of the changes she has seen in her clients.