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2020 New Music Project


Available for Free download between August 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021


Solo Harp

Composer: Conrad Pope
Title: Dulcinea Dreams
Composer: Mark Smythe
Title: Moto Revivo

Solo Piano

Composer: Joshua Foy
Title: No Home
Composer: Sapna Shah
Title: What's a Man's Life Worth?
Composer: Dominik Svoboda
Title: Reflections
Composer: Joshua Villanueva
Title: Uncertainties
Composer: Matthew Wheeler
Title: When the World Stands Still

Solo Guitar

Composer: Mason Lamb
Title: ...between hope and despair
Composer: Joel Nah
Title: An Ode To Wuhan
Composer: Greg Sims
Title: A Piece For Hope
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