Los Angeles Film Conducting Intensive (LAFCI) is dedicated to advancing the art of conducting by providing workshops and access to online resources to help media composers succeed on the podium. LAFCI is dedicated to providing exceptional training based on sound pedagogical practices coupled with experienced professional faculty.




We have compiled a list of online resources we recommend to help you improve your technique and expand your knowledge of conducting. From great texts on technique to scores required for our courses, the online Resource Center is a great place to find tools to help you in your journey of becoming an effective conductor.

An Inside Look: Robert Spano

LAFCI is proud to present, An Inside Look, a series of interviews featuring professional conductors sharing personal perspectives on their craft.  Available as a free resource in our Resource Center page, An Inside Look provides a candid 

conversation with some of today's leading conductors on their experiences in the field as well as advice for you. Visit the Resource Center

page for a complete list of currently available interviews. Play the above video for

Thought on Conducting

1. To compose for orchestra it to imagine the orchestra.

2.To orchestrate for orchestra is to know the orchestra.

3. To conduct is to both imagine and know the orchestra.

-Conrad Pope, faculty member

Hollywood Composer-Orchestrator-Conductor

our latest interview with conductor, Robert Spano.