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2020 New Music Project


Available for Free download between August 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021


Solo Violin

Composer: Nathalie Bonin
Title: Turmoil
Composer: Martina Eisenreich
Title: 2020
Composer: Marco Fedalto
Title: Elegy for George Floyd

Solo Viola

Composer: Vili Ollila
Title: Aftermath

Solo Cello

Composer: Paul Hansen
Title: Meditation on Justice
Composer: Jørgen Lauritsen
Title: Etching for Solo Cello
Composer: Leanne Puttick
Title: Give Thanks
Composer: Alistair Robertson
Title: Elegie for Solo Violoncello

Solo Double Bass

Composer: Maclaine Diemer
Title: The Weight of Optimism
Composer: Jules Pegram
Title: Gentle Giant
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